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    教育 博士 Academi Pioneer 留學

    【Background】 AcademiPioneer is a education consulting company founded by Doctor Degree graduate students。They are the current students from Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and such top British universities and AcademiPioneer provides a professional first-hand consulting services for students applying oversea Doctor Degree
    AcademiPioneer demands a promotional video integrating young and energy which can tell apart from normal education agency. They wants the video to touch viewer's heart to let them know AP is an expert and understands their deepest need.

    After studying the cases of different oversea students, we learn that most of the students have experienced the lone journey of pursuing knowledge. Therefore we use a main line " When study meets its barrier" and extend on it. We need to explore two things to the extreme:
    1 digesting the core competence of AcademiPioneer, let people to see its speciality;
    2 Let people know AcademiPioneer's idea and its passion in helping those who seek knowledge.