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    Campus Recruitment

    招聘 校招 東原 地產 創意

    Dowell Real Estate, a team of young people, a surpasser, wants a campus requirement video consist of not only high-end baddish but also low-profile simplicity. It needs eye-catching creativity and content amount all together....

    Time goes by, it used to be the 90s and now it's 95s turn to be vanguard in society. They want to pursue freedom, fresh, and fulfill one's own purpose. They also have confidence and execution. So Dowell wants this video to be a up-tempo, one-minute short work of art getting rid of cliche and without pie in the sky, to be honest with viewers.

    Other than the one-minute version, We shrink the whole idea into 4 elements "Future""Fun""develop"and "Capabilt" of Career-building fundamentals. We incorporated Chinese Classic [ The Journey to West], and created posters, H5 and gif sorts of different media, so that clients can use in the campus site, webpage and social platform as WeChat. Make the content maximize its value.