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    Money Transfer Product

    【Background】This is a project for ICBC speed transaction product commercial. Clients hopes with a high-qulity creative work that can blend ICBC's own oversea transaction product and ICBC foreign branch's retail service, mainly focusing on its fast money-transfer service to raise its cognition and influence in foreign market.
    The medias are video-streaming website, media-channels owned by ICBC. We create a whole package including the main promotional video piece and several online transaction related posters and pamphlets.

    【solution】The Spanish word “Por una Cabeza”originated from horse race,means a horse head short。Chinese use "a pace further" as translating. Both are in common having the meaning of "the most intimated distance" which is equivalent to ICBC's slogan" The bank around you, the most trustworthy bank". In the tango, a dancer pull the distance between her partner with the music beat, which metaphors ICBC's fast pace and convenient characteristic .
    The main theme of this commercial is that "Speed can reduce the distance between each other". Speed causes heat and warmth, speed also elevates customers' experience. ICBC uses speed to reduce the distance between its brand and its customers.