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    Lear Asia-Pacific Corporate Video

    李爾 Lear 汽車

    【Background】Lear Corporation Limited was found in Detroit, U.S. in 1917, headquarter in Michigan State, one of the five biggest auto parts suppliers. Lear Asian-Pacific Branch demands a promotional video to introduce their company and their mission in Asian-Pacific region. With the video, they hope the viewers will under stand
    1 What does Lear do including seating and electronics system for automobiles;
    2. Demonstrate the leadership of Lear in the entire industry: its service has covered from all types of vehicles from almost every major brand; its structure; customer's acknowledge; engineering capability and productivity.

    【Background】Since the audiences are spreading across the entire Asian-Pacific region, we decide to use non-voiceover and English as subtitle through entire video
    While maintain the consistent Lear's manner, we include hand-draw rendering 3D effect as one of the creative element. We shoot with movie level equipment such as Redone device and seasoned shooting team. During the aftereffect process, we use a simple and majestic style to match company's international and multicultural corporate feel.

    Other than the main 3-minute official clip, we also did a 1-minuite editing version to help clients' use in different situation.