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    Cartoon Design

    工小智形象VI 微表情

    ICBC Gino is an artificial intelligent customer service developed by E-ICBC. Just like "Siri", Gino can have a fast response to every business related question asked by customers. It was vastly used in mute-channel terminals such as Website, WeChat and App. In order to give Gino its life-life personate image, turning each dull question into a vivid emoji seems to be a better choice

    To judge whether this project is a "go", we have a standard which is whether these emojis we created could be used frequently. Hence, we first start off from digging into thousands of data of real Q&A records, and look for the most frequent asked question sorted, then design a corresponding image or emoji.

    Considering the other situation where Gino image could be used, we also created a 3D version of it, which can be used as reference data if Clients want to have a toy version of figure doll version of Gino. To consider every possible situation ever would be facing, we establish a information criterion booklet to list every standards of Gino image of appearance where it could be used on post, web or other activities environment.