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    Do you have the following problems?

    • 1:lack of an effective strategy
    • 2:lack of production resources
    • 3:lack of Compelling centent
    • 4:Inadequate video distrbution
    • 5:Don’t have official video channel
    • 6:lack of an management of video assets
    • 7:Inadequate video budget
    • 8:Lack of performance metrics

    Your C-Solution

    We can provide customized video solutions for you,
    the services will include but are not limited to the following

    • Video Marketing Strategy

    • Shooting Skills Workshop

    • How to set up a video
      studio in office

    • Maintenance of Video Channels
      such as Youku, Youtube

    • Video Distribution

    • Video Storage and Management

    Video Creation Approach and Workflow C-Solutions