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    The very first person you’ll meet at Creavidia is a Video Solutions expert. Their job is to learn about your business, draw out your business objectives and identify video solutions that achieve real results. They’ll take notes from their first meeting with you, and then huddle up with the creative team to start crafting your video plan. By the time your project starts, the right players are already in place to get the party started. This efficiency sets the tone for a smooth process and allows us to spend our best hours on what makes your video truly successful.


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      As obvious as it may appear, we never underestimate the importance of listening to you. We run messaging sessions with key stakeholders to nail down aims and objectives and uncover the most effective way of talking to your audience.

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      Audience & Message

      Where does your audience work and play? Where do they live their digital lives? What do they find engaging and shareable? It's these insights which help us perfect a message that resonates with viewers and ensures the success of your video campaign.

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      We think, brainstorm, write, sketch, style and plan the perfect creative solution.

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      With the plan in place it's time to shoot, design, chop, draw, model and edit our way to a first cut. We will only deliver the first version after several revisions based on internal discussion. We build in opportunities for feedback so when we reach the final cut you're totally happy with the end result.

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      Making a great video isn't enough to ensure success. It has to end up in front of the right people. We help you distribute and promote the campaign with bought, earned and viral seeding. From video portal to social media, we help you get it seen in the right places.

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      As your video is making its way in the digital world we monitor it for you. We track posts, tweets, retweets and views so you can see what's working .... because when you know what's working you will know how to repeat your success.

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